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vpncmd bridgecreate error (doesn't create TAP device)

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 2:35 am
by GfEw
In the course of debugging the cascade connection instability described in another thread, I want to try bridging to a tap interface instead of a physical NIC.

I'm on linux (4.4.0) and this is what I do:

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VPN Server>bridgecreate vhub -device taptest1 -tap yes
The command completed successfully.
Unfortunately, no TAP device is created.

The newly created bridge is kept in an erroneous state:

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VPN Server>bl
BridgeList command - Get List of Local Bridge Connection
Number|Virtual Hub Name|Network Adapter or Tap Device Name|Status
1     |vhub      |enp0s25                           |Operating
2     |vhub      |taptest1                          |Error
The command completed successfully.
What's wrong with my commands? Please, help!

Thank you!