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Connect to multiple networks with the same ip range

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:04 am
by maselhappy

At our laboratory we want to use the softether to connect to multiple work spaces where every time the same network topology is behind.
The network is every time or

We have 20 of these work spaces and each work spaces have his own user name and password.

The Ethersoft runs on one physical server which has 23 Ethernet adapter and this server is directly connected to each work space.

Workspace 1 have IP, WP2 has xxx.172 up to WF20 xxx.190.

Should i place on each work space a Softether subsystem together with a local bridge and run the Softether VPN dialin in a separate session? Can i do this on this single server? I have 32 GB RAM, Core I7-9xx.
I think the capacity should be enough.