Linux Client connects to Offline Hub

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Linux Client connects to Offline Hub

Post by atlas » Thu Oct 31, 2019 8:55 am


I just set up an SoftEther VPN Server on a remote LInux Server. It works fine, I already tested it from windows. Now I want to connect a linux machine to the VirtualHub. I firstly was troubleshooting because I wasn't given an IP Adress, but then I foun out that the Client says it's connected, even when the Virtual Hub it's connecting to is offline.

Code: Select all

VPN Server/Atlas>Hublist 
HubList command - Get List of Virtual Hubs
Item              |Value
Virtual Hub Name  |Atlas
Status            |Offline
Type              |Standalone
Users             |1
Groups            |0
Sessions          |0
MAC Tables        |0
IP Tables         |0
Num Logins        |6
Last Login        |2019-10-30 22:49:26
Last Communication|2019-10-31 09:46:15
Transfer Bytes    |764,672,991
Transfer Packets  |831,286
The command completed successfully.

VPN Client>AccountConnect Atlas   
AccountConnect command - Start Connection to VPN Server using VPN Connection Setting
The command completed successfully.

VPN Client>accountlist         
AccountList command - Get List of VPN Connection Settings
Item                        |Value
VPN Connection Setting Name |Atlas
Status                      |Connecting
VPN Server Hostname         |<mydomain>:5555 (Direct TCP/IP Connection)
Virtual Hub                 |Atlas
Virtual Network Adapter Name|VPN127
The command completed successfully.
Anyone has any ideas?

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Re: Linux Client connects to Offline Hub

Post by Sauter » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:44 pm

What version of Windows did you make this work on, Atlas?

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