Accessing IPCams on remote network

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Accessing IPCams on remote network

Post by Collector » Thu Nov 21, 2019 2:41 pm

I'm facing the problem of connecting two sites (siteA and siteB) making a reciprocal visibility to all the devices on the 2 LANs.
Let me describe each single site:
It is a domestic private LAN ( up to .128) (LAN1) with an ADSL router to the ISP (.128), a PC working as server (.120) and some other PCs, fixed and laptopo, as well as wifi smartphones and tablets.

This is a remote domestic LAN (192.168.129 up to .254) (LAN2) with a tp-link 4G router to the ISP (.254), a PC working as server (.240) WITH a 2nd NIC ( Connected to the LAN port of this 2nd NIC there is a switch with 7 IPCams (maybe more in the future). IPCams have fixed IP addresses and, at the moment, no default gateway. Addresses of the 2nd NIC's LAN is (LAN3).
Moreover, on the LAN2, there are other PCs, wifi tablets and wifi appliances, such as Daikin air conditioners and other.
I chose to use a 2nd NIC to separate the IPCams network traffic from the domestic LAN2.

From a SoftEther point of view, I've realized a VPN Bridge between LAN1 and LAN2 and it works perfectly.

While at the moment I can see the IPCams just from the PC with LAN2 and LAN3 NICs (the .240 one), I would like to be able to see them from any PC on LAN1 or LAN2. I tried some Layer 3 Switch configuration, but without any luck.

Could you please suggest me some configuration to solve the problem, considering that the 4G link has a montly traffic limit so I need to keep low any background traffic through the VPN (broadcast etc.).

Thank you.

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