local copier smb access to VPN pc

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local copier smb access to VPN pc

Post by chodan9 » Mon Dec 23, 2019 7:32 pm

Hey everyone,

We have a remote office that uses softether clients to access our home office resources.
They installed a new copier onsite. The can scan to a share on each PC, but their is one that the copier cant scan to if the vpn is connected. IF you disconnect the VPN it works OK.
the other computers don't have that issue.
What should I check first?

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Re: local copier smb access to VPN pc

Post by ethanolson » Fri Dec 27, 2019 12:37 am

If the PC can be scanned to while the VPN is disconnected but not while it is connected, and the PC doesn't change location, then you need to look at your connection-based routing rules on the gateway that the copier talks to. If you were trying to describe that the copier can't scan over the VPN connection, then there are numerous factors involved, such as routing, PC firewall, copier's use of tcp/445 or tcp/139, which SMB protocol is in play, can the PC authenticate the user when the VPN is connected, and what's the connection MTU on the client PC's VPN adapter. There's probably more than all that as well.

Some copiers have a network TWAIN scan solution that might be a better workflow than scan to folder from the copier.

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