Connect Multiple VPN Sites from One VPN

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Connect Multiple VPN Sites from One VPN

Post by amanjuman » Wed Jan 08, 2020 7:34 pm

I have been using SE VPN for a while. I got four organizations to work remotely. One of the organizations is hosted on my country and I always connected with that VPN, it gives extra speed as well as low latency to connect everywhere.

Question is,
I got three remote VPN sites, for instance, assume
Local -
London - (Available devices,,
Singapore -
US -

I always like to stay connected with while I can access all of these VPN sites. There are multiple devices live in each location and I like to access them using private IP after connecting VPN. Like, after connecting (Local VPN Server) I like to connect private resource of London sites, example

Most of the sites are hosted on AWS, and I like to use private hosted Route53 DNS as well. Like to mention that, I have properly configured AWS VPN sites with VPC DNS and Gateway. All I need is to connect from a central VPN server.

I tried a couple of ways, but each time IP changes. As I said earlier, I like to stay connected with the Local VPN server and it should connect multiple VPN sites.

How can I do this?

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