VPN Tunnel and VPN Server

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VPN Tunnel and VPN Server

Post by spaziosoft » Tue Jan 28, 2020 3:32 pm

i love softether !!

I installed a tunnel between to Centos machines with the aim of connecting two lan, all ok.
Then I would like to use the server that activates the tunnel to respond to requests from VPN clients that use SSTP that come from the network connected to the other end of the tunnel.
From the diagnosis I made with tcpdump I see 3 SSTP connection request packets but no response from SoftEther.
Port 443 is listening, everything seems ok.
My doubt is about the routing of reply packets.
Or can SoftEther not be used as initiator of a tunnel and server of VPN clients?
thanks for any suggestion.

LAN1 ( ------ SoftEther VM1 (Tunnel) SoftEther VM2 ------ LAN2 (
+ VPN Server SSTP Client VPN SSTP connect to vpn.domain.xx (
cert: vpn.domain.xx

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