SoftEther VPN 4.31 Build 9727 Beta and freeradius

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SoftEther VPN 4.31 Build 9727 Beta and freeradius

Post by Bbs9975 » Thu Jan 30, 2020 12:15 am

I am using freeradius for softether authentication,
i am try to use static ip.
in version history

2. When the user object is using the RADIUS authentication, you need to configure your RADIUS server to reply the "Framed-Interface-Id" (Attribute Number: 96) RADIUS Attribute as the MAC addesses which you want to assign to the user. The reply string must be a 6-bytes ASCII-encoded HEX string, such like "AE0000000001" or "AE-00-00-00-00-01". The string may have "-" or ":" as delimiter.

but when I add Framed-Interface-Id (attribute Number 96) in freeradius with value AE0000000001.
in radiusd -X it show

(1) sql: ERROR: Error parsing value: Failed to parse interface-id string "AE0000000001"
(1) sql: ERROR: Error parsing user data from database result
(1) sql: ERROR: SQL query error getting reply attributes

where i must put Framed-Interface-Id

Thank you

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