Three problems

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Three problems

Post by drkh » Mon Feb 24, 2020 12:02 pm

A few days ago I installed SoftEther VPN client 4.32 build 9731 with VPN Gate plug-in under Windows 7 Home Pre x64 SP1. This is the first time I use a stand-alone VPN client.

So far I have encountered three problems. Please help.


After the installation of SoftEther VPN client (perhaps after the creation of the first virtual NIC, I'm not sure.), under Network Adapters in Device Manager, a "Microsoft ISATAP Adapter #3" appears, and its icon has a yellow exclamation mark.

According to the MS KB article below, the yellow exlamation is just a minor Windows fault, not impacting the workings of that network adatpter. So it's quite all right. ... 8-based-co

However, I wonder why that adapter appears. Is there an explanation?

I tried to uninstall it, but it can't be uninstalled.

I admit that I've uninstalled SoftEther once with a pretty powerful uninstaller, namely, Total Uninstall. As recorded in its uninstall log, the uninstallation changes a lot of things. Could this be the reason?


In Windows 7's local LAN IPv4 settings, I manually assign a private IP address for my NIC while the default gateway address of the LAN router is set to (yes, different segment).

The problem is that as soon as my PC is connected to a VPN Gate public relay server that I selected from the server list, the default gateway address in the IPv4 settings disappears. Consequently, in Network and Sharing Center the local LAN to which my PC is connected becomes an Unidentified network. Additionally, the setting of Interface metric changes from Automatic to a filled-in value:4245. As a result of all this, the other devices in my LAN can not see my PC though my PC can see the other devices.

After I disconnet the VPN connection, everything is immediately restored back to its previous state and works fine.

Is that normal? If not, how can it be fixed?

If I use the VPN client built in Windows 7 to connect to the same VPN server by way of L2TP/IPsec or MS-SSTP, nothing in the local LAN IPv4 settings is changed.


After I connect to a VPN server selected from the server list generated by the VPN Gate plug-in, I can watch, in my web browser, those YouTube videos which previously I could not watch due to region restriction.

For example:

But I still can not download those same videos by using downloader utility programs, e.g., YouTube-dl and 4K Video Downloader. I will get error messages like this one:"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

But if I connect to the same VPN server with L2TP/IPsec or MS-SSTP using Windows 7 built-in VPN client, I have no problem with downloading those regionally-restricted videos.

Is this normal or what's wrong with the SSL-VPN connection established from VPN Gate?

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