SoftEther with other VPN simultaneously

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SoftEther with other VPN simultaneously

Post by pejhi » Mon May 11, 2020 11:10 am

Recently for one of our client, let's name it 'QWERT' we changed VPN connection method to their network from Windows bulid-in to SoftEther.
One of QWERT client have issue with new connection method. He have to compare some data from QWERT company and other company, name it AWERT, so before changes he had set up two VPN connections simultaneously, which our was by Windows.
Now that client can't have both VPN get up and running simultaneously, because from his relations either SoftEther VPN is connected and second VPN dosen't work or that second VPN is connected and SoftEther won't work.
I did tested that on my PC and indeed I can use SothEther VPN or Windows bulid-in VPN at the same time, but not both at once.

It is possible from SoftEther or Windows options level to make both QWERT VPN and AWERT VPN work at the same time?
For that client I'm outside support, so I can't do admin things.

I hope I discribe that correctly, I'll glad for advices or solutions.

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