Softether Dynamic DNS V6 not reachable

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Softether Dynamic DNS V6 not reachable

Post by AleXSR700 » Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:53 pm

Hello everyone,

I am trying to reach my Softether VPN Server from my Android phone. Everything seems to be set up correctly. I can access my server from my PC. But when I use OpenVPN in Android, I cannot resolve my server name.

To my knowledge you have to add "v6" to the hostname if you do not have a real and permanent IPv4 adress. But it still does not work.

I also tried to manually set the IPv6 adress in OpenVPN and it just says that the networt is unreachable.

Any ideas? Is there a better client? Will there ever be a Softether VPN Client for Android?

When I use "" without the v6 on my Windows 10 Notebook (connected via hotspot from my phone), I can access the server without any issues.
So it seems to be a problem between the server and Android.

Is there really no decent vpn client for Android that will work with Softether?

Thank you

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