Which config for maximum safety and speed?

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Which config for maximum safety and speed?

Post by AleXSR700 » Mon Jun 22, 2020 2:23 pm

Hello everyone,
I am considering setting up two RasPis as Server and Client and am wondering which config I should use to achieve maximum security and, at the same time, also maximum speed?

I want to only be able to connect with SoftEther clients and prevent OpenVPN and any other protocol to be able to connect.

What would offer maximum security.
And which settings would allow for maximum speed as I would like to be able to access my NAS remotely.

Is there a transfer speed limit implemented in the SoftEther protocols?

Thank you for your help:-)

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Re: Which config for maximum safety and speed?

Post by drkrool » Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:35 am

In server's GUI manager, under encryption and settings use a good cypher, look up what one fit's your need.

After that, create a good certificate if you dont have a good one, use at least 2048bit.

Uncheck every other protocol in the server's gui and leave only one port opened.

Under the client, make sure to use more than one connection, I personally use 8 just in case.

Anyway, with that, the limit should be your PI and not Softether in term of speed and you'll have great security I think.

As for the user, use a long password or a certificate, but that's up to you, at this point it's pretty overkill depending on what you really need.

There isn't no "best" answer, but that would be good in my opinion

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