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Routing Issues with Gateway that can't be modified

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:03 pm
by pssadm
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to add an additional route to all the computers in my network, if the gateway I'm using is not one that I have access to add a route to?

The only way this works so far is if I manually enter a route on every PC, on both sides of the VPN. Too much work.
I tried the DHCP Option, (which would possibly work for those computers receiving DHCP, however, the RFC clears the default route, and there is no way to auto-populate that information back in. So its either NO route out to the internet or NO route out to the VPN block I'm trying to get to.

Maybe the only solution is to use a VPN with a Secure Nat or something like that? Any suggestions/instructions would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!