bridge VPN to virtual ethernet interface.

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bridge VPN to virtual ethernet interface.

Post by lmp » Mon Jul 13, 2020 1:34 pm

I'm new to SoftEther VPN, so if stupid question please be nice to me :D

I try to set up very simple setup. Clients Windows connecting to VPN server (Ubuntu 20.04), no routing trough vpn except one /24 local network.
Clients should be able to see each other, over vpn network, and they should be able to access servers virtual interfaces IP.
So for example I have Ubuntu server wit interface:
eth0:1 with IP
vpn servers internal IP is
vpn dhcp -

i need clients to be able to access and it dosen't matter for me if they can access or not, but there is nothing bad if they can.

If I try to create bridge I can choose only physical interface no virtual, but physical is used for internet traffic, it is not good idea to bridge vpn with that.
If there is another way how to achieve that, I can change server setup, the only thing required is services on linux system binded to should be accessible locally on linux, and from VPN.

Any suggestions?
Thanks! Cheers!

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Re: bridge VPN to virtual ethernet interface.

Post by drkrool » Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:48 am

Bridge whatever network card is in the network you want your client to connect to. See it as a network switch using your server's port connecting to that switch.

For the internet traffic, there is an option I think on the client side for "no routing", so they can see every device in the network (except the server itself if only 1 network card is used or it get's more complicated..) but won't set their internet gateway on this server's internet

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