How to set-up L2 LAN Bridge

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How to set-up L2 LAN Bridge

Post by ckweb » Fri Jul 31, 2020 6:44 pm

Hi everyone!

I just learnt about SoftEther and I'm excited to try it out :)

My question is about the hardware needed to create a Layer-2 Bridge. Here's what I know:

- SoftEther will run as a software server on a local computer connected to the Internet
- SoftEther will help create and host a virtual Ethernet port
- A separate VPN service I get will provide a way for the Ethernet port to be accessible online
- SoftEther will run on a remote computer to provide access to the virtual Ethernet port hosted at the first server's location
- A router connected to the remote computer will provide an real Ethernet port to physically connect to the virtual Ethernet port
- Optionally, a wireless router connected to the remote router can provide wireless access to the virtual Ethernet port

I know I wrote a lot, but that's the picture I have of how SoftEther bridges two locations and provides a remote Ethernet port. I only need the remote location to (preferably) have wireless connection to mirror the originating location's network and internet connection as if I was connected there (which I think is what the bridge is supposed to accomplish)

Do I have the basics down right or did I miss something/the whole thing?

I look forward to seeing if I have the correct process and how to actually do this. If there's hardware to buy, I'd like to know what's ideal but still (hopefully) somewhat economical as well. TIA.

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