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Softether Client/Server connection failure

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 1:05 pm
by rrivero
I have a PC configured as a server and connected with wifii over the internet shared from a mobile or via a router, and another PC that connects as a client to the server PC. When the server PC connects to the internet using a particular router or mobile, the connection is correct. However, when the Server PC connects via another Wi-Fi network from one internet shared with another mobile, (even though the PC has an internet connection), the client PC does not connect. I do not understand why with some mobile phones that share their internet network via Wifi to the server PC if there is connection with the client PC, and with other mobile phones that share their internet to the server PC, the client PC does not connect, taking into account that the Server PC always has internet connection, regardless of the Wifi to which it connects.

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