TUN Routing instead of TAP Bridge

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TUN Routing instead of TAP Bridge

Post by lsas » Wed Oct 07, 2020 5:08 am

Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new to the world of vpn and not so much skilled in IT and networks management, that's why I'm asking your support.

Here's my scenario: I've installed VPN Server on a pc with two different interfaces that are phisically separated. With eth1 the pc is connected to local router and have internet access ( eth2 is a local network of pc and mixed devices that is not connected with internet lan (
I would like to set up the vpn server so that i can reach the eth2 lan segment from the vpn client side.

Now, i tried to set up Local Bridge layer 2 and it seems to work pretty well. The only things is that i'll need the connection also on android and ios devices that seems to not support TAP tunnels.
Is it possible to do that with TUN and Layer 3 switch ? I've try to read some docs and tutorial but i cant get it works.

Thanks a lot for your support anyway.

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