client - server dns name

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client - server dns name

Post by calin7 » Sat Dec 26, 2020 5:50 am

my first time using this forum, I'm apologize if I'm not properly using it.

i see something might been improved, or maybe only highlighted for new users like me to easy see it and understand it.

creating a vpn server, i see the dynamic dns hostname is automatically created (if i don't need it i need to disable it).
1) i already created in my vpn server tests a dns hostname, and after deleting the server i see the hostname still exists, even after weeks. (is check and it is not only in my arp cache)
2) creating a new vpn server doesn't allow me to use the same dns hostname i used in previous vpn, for the same ip
3) a vpn client doesn't connect to the server using a good hostname, but not used in an actual vpn server dns hostname configuration.
4) vpn client can not connect to an IP, i need to use a name.

maybe all these points are old subjects, already answered questions, maybe are just not easy for a new user to see the logic in these.

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Re: client - server dns name

Post by sky59 » Sat Dec 26, 2020 7:09 am

Point 4 is not true

I also use ip as number, I do not care if vpn567547. exists, what is the problem with it?
You have "backup" for future, you never know what can happen

Point 2: you have to keep and use vpn_server.config from point 1, the name of computer must be the same, otherwise you get new vpnxxxx.......

You can not delete this name, maybe if you write to Tsukuba uni and ask to delete, after proving first somehow it is you, the owner of this name

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