Please Help - site-to-site VPN between AWS VPC and Office Network

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Please Help - site-to-site VPN between AWS VPC and Office Network

Post by johnfolia » Thu Feb 11, 2021 5:35 pm

Please Help

Can I do Site-To-Site without these two with SoftEther?

How to do site-to-site VPN Tunnel between AWS VPC and Office Network using SoftEther so that windows on private subnet (10.0.0.x) can join AD in office network (172.16.7.x) through VPN server on AWS?


1. Softether VPN server is on Amazon Linux EC2 is in Public Subnet with private ip (10.0.0.x), windows(2016) with private ip (10.0.10.x)
2. Created 2 Virtual hubs on VPN Server. One for AWS subnet and second for Office subnet, created user for bridge in office for cascade connection.
AWS hub is bridge to eth0 NIC on EC2
3. Created L3 switch with 2 virtual interfaces, one for AWS virtual Hub with IP and second for office virtual hub with IP,
Added Rote entries as shown below and started switch
L3- AWS-Office.PNG
4. Created SG to Allow All inbound from and and attached to windows instance ( by default machine on 10.0.x.x should be able to connect to 10.0.0.x through Route table entry --> local)
5. Added Persistence Route on windows machine as,
route -p add mask metric 1
6. Added Route Entry on ALL subnets --> (VPN Server IP)
7. For testing disabled windows firewall.
8. Can not ping from Windows machine.
9. Can not ping from Windows machine.
10. Can ping 10.0.0.x from Windows machine.
11. Route trace on windows machine
* * *

On Office:

1. Installed Bridge only
2. Created Hub
3. Configured cascading by connecting VPN Server on AWS (DDNS) on port 5555using bridge user on VPN server
Bridge in Office.PNG
4. Added persistence route on AD
route -p add mask metric 1
Persistant Route.PNG
5. From AD machine able to ping

Is this correct set up?

Ref: ... P_Routing)
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