Dynamic DNS IPv4 Address Protocol Error Occurred

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Dynamic DNS IPv4 Address Protocol Error Occurred

Post by CMaster » Mon Apr 26, 2021 10:37 am

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone else has come across the "Protocol error occurred" message under Global IPv4 Address in the Dynamic DNS Settings.

I have never had any problems setting up softether in the past and have made sure all the settings on my local server are the same as a connection that I have setup previously that i know works.
I have also contacted my ISP and made sure that the server running softether has completely unfiltered internet access.

My only thought at this point is there must be some setting on the router that needs changing.

Just some extra info incase it is relevant:

Machine is a hyper-V virtual machine running Server 2019, mac spoofing has been enabled on the virtual network adapter, IPV4 is enabled and IPV6 is disabled.
Internet provider is RM and they have removed all internet filtering from the internal IP address of the virtual machine.
I can browse to softether.net on the virtual machine (to my understanding this is the address that the dynamic DNS links to)

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated!

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