Softether static routes

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Softether static routes

Post by Explosions14242d » Mon Jun 21, 2021 8:24 am

I have a windows machine and a openvpn server (vpn). I need to make a static route to force all traffic only through the VPN so if the VPN drops, my IP is not leaked.

Ive done this before but using a third party VPN and softether on the windows machine to connect. I would remove the default mask route, and create a persistent route to the VPN. When I connect to the VPN, it auto-updates my routing table so my default route goes through the VPN tunnel, and when I turn off the VPN, all traffic ends.

Unforutnley I cant replicate this for OpenVPN, even after creating a default route to the OpenVPN IP, as well as the tunnel IP it assigns me, it still wont connect. I am unable to establish a connection unless the default mask route is active (which I could remove afterwards, but this is a hassle and a leak if I forget)


So why cant static default routes be made to the OpenVPN server, despite working with other VPN providers and softether? Does softether do something different, and if so what exactly?

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Re: Softether static routes

Post by kacidooley » Sat Jun 26, 2021 1:45 am

You need a firewall between you and the Internet that will block all traffic except traffic to your VPN server's IP address

Your router will most likely have this function built in bubble shooter

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