remove internet connection from vpn client

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remove internet connection from vpn client

Post by MTSDesign » Fri Jul 01, 2022 4:51 pm

Hello! I tell you what my problem is, maybe it's something silly. When I create the vpn on the server and enable securenat with the dhcp server and do not do a bridge, when connecting the client computers (which are in another place) the internet connection is cut on them. But when I disable secure nat with dhcp server and create a bridge so that the PCs connect directly to the network where the servers are, the client PCs connect to the internet through the vpn, each page I open uses the vpn to connect and triggers the I consume unnecessarily, my question is how do I make it so that when I connect to the vpn, I don't use it to surf the internet, only to share files between the client PCs and the server and use RDP remote desktop. What I need to do is a vpn where all the PCs are connected and can exchange files with each other and use the RDP. The best thing would be not to use my physical router, just connect them to the network through the virtual hub but the client PCs lose connection to the internet, I have to prevent them from using the VPN to navigate, how do I have to do? I'm sure I'm missing something on the VPN server. THANK YOU!

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Re: remove internet connection from vpn client

Post by solo » Fri Jul 01, 2022 11:08 pm

Hi, check search.php?keywords=Split+Tunneling
TLDR - either do not set default gateway, or increase metric on a VPN connection.

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