vpnserver v5 adminip.txt

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vpnserver v5 adminip.txt

Post by ozone » Sat Jul 02, 2022 7:35 pm

Hello Forum,

Recently I updated my raspberry pi4 to arm64 (Raspbian bullseye).
With this OS the usual way to compile the Softether software did not work anymore.

I found however a version in a .deb format (precompiled), version v5.01 build 9674.
https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/ar ... r/download

This package installed without any problems, but now I want to reuse my adminip.txt, but I do not know where to locate this file now.

If we put it next to the executable (/usr/libexec/softether/vpnserver), it doesn't seem to be used.
Anyone can still use servermanager.

So the question is: Where should I put it with this version?

Help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank You all.


//edit 20220703: typo's and version no. fixed

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Re: vpnserver v5 adminip.txt

Post by ozone » Sun Jul 10, 2022 12:45 pm

Found it myself.

For future reference for other people that are looking for the answer to this question, here it is.

In the precompiled version of Softether v5 in Debian, the config files are located in this location:


(In comparison: If I compile the v4 version on a PI myself, <all> files are located in the same folder)

So, how did I find out?
What I did was look for the 'vpn_server.config' file after the v5 package was installed and configured.
(This is the file with the entire set of settings of softether)
It made sense that also 'adminip.txt' was also supposed to be there.

And it turned out this was correct. adminip.txt is supposed to be there too.
AdminIP.txt is now correctly read, and functions as expected.

For people wondering what adminip.txt does:
If this file exists, and is located/formatted correctly, only ip's mentioned in this file are allowed to manage the vpnserver via servermanager.
In its default setting, -every- IP may do so, also <all> IP's on the entire internet... (!)
By design, if this file is -not- used, management access from the internet is in Softether always possible through the configured vpn-port(s), from -any- source.
Therefore I consider adminip.txt to be an essential part of the security of my vpnserver. And, by extension, to all resources behind it.

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