BUG/FIX Softether VPN Adapter windows

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BUG/FIX Softether VPN Adapter windows

Post by j.thelenpantheon » Fri Sep 02, 2022 11:21 am


i don't know if this is the right forum for is but this is what we found.

architecture info:
Softether version Latest stable 4.39 Build 9772

3 windows server 2019 running Softether server configured as Cluster 1 controller 2 servers.
multiple dynamic hubs, no static hubs.

every hub uses Secure NAT DHCP for splittunneling.
every hub has 1 bridge server running windows using Secure NAT Virtual NAT

Client just normal Windows 10 Softether VPN Client no special config

Bug info :

client connects to VPN Server.
DHCP Client works, Routing works, ICMP works with drops every 2s, TCP/UDP doesn't work(Tested with RDP, SMB connection)

if the vpn adapter has one of the following items in the adapter propeties enabled the TCP/UDP Traffic will be slow/notworking VMware Brdige Protocol, DNE LightWeight Filter, FortiClient NDIS 6.3 Packet Filter Driver.


Disable the items on The VPN client adapter then it works fine.

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