Please add a reCaptcha and remove IPs to stop the abuse!

Post your questions about VPN Gate Academic Experiment Service here. Please answer questions if you can afford.
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Please add a reCaptcha and remove IPs to stop the abuse!

Post by DaveJones » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:41 pm

Dear VPNGate team,

I used to host a VPN Server quite often (whenever I had lots of free bandwidth available at the end of the month) and I never had any issues. Lately, however, whenever I enable the server, I immediately get pinged by 100s of different IPs. I even got DDoSed last week and my ISP disabled one of my VPS instances.

This is all because you make it super-easy for bad actors to grab the list of IPs of VPNGate servers and attack them.

Please, add a reCaptcha so whenever someone wants to download the VPN config file or see the information about the specific VPN, they have to prove they're human.

And please stop sending the list of IPs through emails. You're just advertising to bad people the list of IPs to either block or attack. They then automate the attacks on all these IPs.

Thank you,
Dave Jones

Goin’ Motorboatin'
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Re: Please add a reCaptcha and remove IPs to stop the abuse!

Post by Goin’ Motorboatin' » Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:12 am

And PLEASE get rid of that GODAWFUL Google captcha you’re using now!

It took me a full dozen tries before I was able to complete my registration. :-(
Evidently I’m too stupid to know what mountains, rivers and street signs are.

If you do implement a captcha for downloading config. files, make it a GOOD one - not one of those horrible ones where you can’t decipher whether it’s uppercase or lowercase letters and some characters overlap others, making it damn-near impossible to read.

When I visit it’s because some of my servers stopped working and I need to download more.
I usually download at least 4 at a time since they don’t last long, and I dread having to complete a captcha for each one!

I’ve noticed that the server speeds listed often change from one visit to the next for the same servers, sometimes drastically. How frequently are they tested?

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