SoftEtherTunnel conflicts with ipsec router Tunnel

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SoftEtherTunnel conflicts with ipsec router Tunnel

Post by oegeeks » Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:36 am

We have 4 branches connected with ipsec-Tunnels via fortigates.
The branch, at the moment, has a fritzbox and the softether vpn Server installed.
I have to connect the new branch to the compony vpn temporaily without using ipsec-vpn.

I managed to connect some windows clients on the ipsec segment with the fritzbox branch. If i activate the softethervpn-tunnel, all other traffic to the other ipsec-vpn networks are cut of. At the moment just the standard softethervpn-hub and the openvpn module are activated.
I did not managed right now the cascade connection with routing. That will be the second step.

How to configure softethervpn, so that the ipsec-vpn-tunnels works at the same time on the same client?
I tried Tunnel-Splitting with no avail.

1. Branch: (fortigate / ipsec)
2. Branch: (fortigate / ipsec)
3. Branch: (fortigate / ipsec)
4. Branch: (fortigate / ipsec)
5. Branch: (Fritzbox/softethervpn)

If some information is missing, please tell me what you need to know.

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