Problem with subnet access

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Problem with subnet access

Post by OlivierM » Tue Aug 04, 2020 5:15 am

I have a Softether VPN server running on Windows a network with several subnets.
The VPN server is on the subnet,
I have a subnet accessible with an hardware L2 Switch.
With routes, the VPN server can access the network.

On a client machine on the internet I connect to the VPN which is set as a PC to LAN setup with the Softether Client.
The client get an IP from the subnet, and a route is set to route to through the VPN.
I can access the machine in the subnet fine.

If I had a route on my client machine
route add MASK
( being my switch)
I can now access the network without any problem.

All of the above works as expected with the Softether Client.

What I am trying to do now is to setup SSTP on the same VPN server.
I activated SSTP on the server and managed to connect to the VPN with a windows 10 machine.
From the client machine, I can access the subnet fine but after adding the route for I am still not able to access the network
It's like it's not using the route or is being blocked by something.

The configurations are the same, only the client used is changing.
Is there something else to do to have the same behavior with SSTP?

Thank you

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