Internet traffic optimization

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Internet traffic optimization

Post by rassamf » Sun Sep 06, 2020 4:14 am

Dear team,

I would like to say how useful SoftEther has been, it works very well!

I wanted to find out if there are any known ways to help data packets to find their destination better, are there any known add-ons or services which would work well with SE? I am trying to reduce latency by finding best and healthiest route to final destination for the sent packets.

Or if I have 3 cloud servers, say main server in Country A in SE Asia 2nd in Amsterdam 3rd in HK. Now when the clients connect to SEasia and send their traffic, can the main server determine if it is best to send to Amsterdam, HK or if it is heading to SEasia then to steer the packet itself. However if the packet is going to UK for example it then utilises my servers backbone by sending it directly to Amsterdam then my Amsterdam server can route it to UK from there? I would really like to keep using SE but I need it to somehow intelligently forward my clients traffic to the best serving node or for it to direct traffic back to SEasia if that is where the packet is heading.

Thanks in advance.



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